My Story

If you google me you’ll see a rap sheet of Power, Wealth, Drugs, Lovers… See, I was a cocaine kingpin rubbing shoulders with the likes of Pablo Escobar. 

I was 20 years old when I started dreaming of becoming a millionaire before I turned 30. I had everything – technically speaking – to make all my dreams come true: family, education, and an enormous capacity for work and sacrifice. 

I had a promising future, but yet I succumbed to the temptation of money and power. 

In less than six months, a young man who had never used drugs, smoked, or drank alcohol, had become a powerful and rich drug baron. 

I had all the wealth a human being can imagine…. At the height of everything I was “LIVING THE DREAM”!! I had EVERYTHING that I had always wanted AND MORE: Money, Women, Power, Respect, Notoriety

Yet, I felt an enormous sense of corruption, self-doubt, fear, and anxiety that I could not escape, and I envied people who could be happy with a simple life. 

I was alone…I was empty inside. 

Unfortunately, my deeds took me from the lap of luxury to the depths of prison.

I had to lose EVERYTHING

I went from multimillionaire to convict OVERNIGHT.

But then an incredible thing happened:  My first night I threw myself onto a steel bed with a hard mattress. Suddenly, I saw a piece of paper falling slowly on me. It was a page from a pocket Bible. A passage highlighted in yellow: 

Hebrews 10:34. “Rejoice in the confiscation of your goods, I have planned better riches for you in heaven.”

I cried bitterly. I decided that I had two choices… 

Option 1:  Feel sorry for myself for being in jail and resign to a life of anxiety, fear, and self-doubt… 


Option 2: Make-believe that I was in a monastery and use every minute to find out if God had a purpose for me and my life…

That tiny paper contained the words that would be the beginning of my journey to discover success again… That journey was difficult…when I read the words contained on that tiny paper I had to acknowledge that there was something broken in me.

Look, this became a game for me….and I actually enjoyed EVERYDAY of my incarceration. It was remarkable… the difference I felt!!!  This shift in mindset and using my imagination allowed me to reduce my anxiety, discover a higher purpose, and achieve success.

As I was being released from prison I was told I would never be anything but a twice-convicted drug dealer.  Today, I enjoy the luxury of being a “common man”… I use that term with MORE love than I can convey…

The “common man” meant reduced stress and anxiety, it meant being there to raise my children, it meant being able to find lasting love for myself and in a partner.

I now hold a Master’s degree from Wheaton College (Illinois) and a Ph.D. in New Testament Studies and Ethics from the University of Loyola Chicago and am a renowned speaker who brings a message of hope, forgiveness, and the power to change.

So, are we defined by our past, or can we reinvent ourselves? With a NarcoMindset, absolutely yes!

People always ask me how I managed to survive the Narco world, the years in prison, and then build a multimillion-dollar business, enjoy over 25 years of marriage, and raise 6 successful children. 

My response is simple: “Regardless of my achievements and the setbacks I’ve had to face, the Narco Mindset I developed allowed me to find meaning and happiness in my life.

Mindset is where it all begins and I am excited to have you join along in the journey.

Figuring out a better way to live my life allowed me to have the best of both worlds: connect with my true purpose and achieve the success I’ve always dreamed of.

This is where the Narco Mindset Community was born!

Today I coach people to master their mindset—and their self-sabotaging, fearful thoughts so they can finally feel confident and at ease. I help entrepreneurs, executives and professionals realize they are locked in a loop of negative and limiting thoughts that blind them to opportunities that could lead to lasting change and success.… and guide them to turn obstacles into success and find meaning and happiness in their life.

Your past doesn’t define who you are!

No matter how hard you're fallen, your story isn't over just yet!

Are you ready to reinvent yourself, or are you going to let your past mistakes define you for the rest of your life? You can be the author of your story, so tell it with pride. That way, when you look back, you won’t have any regrets.

I’m thrilled to share with you everything I’ve learned, what I’ve written in my books and what’s still to come about the NarcoMindset.

NarcoMindset is a series of ideas and principles that allowed me to stay alive in that world and, after surrendering to God, recover my life, my family, and most importantly, myself. Thanks to my NarcoMindset, I built a multimillion-dollar company from scratch and got to retire at 50.

Our Core Principles

In our monthly gatherings, I will share with you how I developed my Narco Mindset, which not only saved my life but brought me tremendous success in business and family, as well as helping me to return to school and society, obtain a Ph.D. and build a strong family and multi-million-dollar business.

  1. I believe in Honesty 
  2. I believe in  Authenticity: The thing that makes you stand out among others is the key that will open many incredible doors for you. Find it, and the world will be yours.
  3. I believe in Freedom 
  4. I believe in Excellence: Regardless of our age, we have to excel in everything we propose. We have to give our best and be the best we can. That’s the only way to succeed in life.

The response to this community and the methodology has been overwhelming!!

“Dr. Valdes’s mindset coaching has helped me understand how to walk through challenges.” 

“The weekly lessons are helping me understand how to form a true purpose and after only a couple of months I am feeling more confident and at ease.”

 “I feel like I am becoming the leader and parent my family needs.”



So that you an win in life and business

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