Are you content in life? Have you achieved the success you have always dreamed of? If your answer is no, then I can help you develop the Ultimate Narco Mindset.

The mindset that will help you to overcome any obstacle you face in life and business, and achieve levels of success you deserve and may have only dreamed of!

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We tell ourselves, if I had that power and people feared me, I would not be as bad; I would simply be the ultimate man or woman. In reality, what people wanted was to have the same mindset I had; a narco mindset that allowed me to face tortures, imprisonment in foreign and domestic prisons, create an empire at the age of twenty-one. 

The mindset that allowed me to forfeit millions at the age of thirty-six with the possibility of spending the rest of my life in jail, to face more challenges in my life than most human beings can conceive. With the Narco Mindset I developed, I was able to overcome all these challenges, put together a fantastic family, successful children, and an excellent marriage.

So how did I develop a Narco Mindset? To understand this, in this eBook I take you on a journey through my life as a Kid, as a Narco, and as a Man.

You’ll learn what it takes to develop that mindset that helped me start a company with no money and turn it into a multi-million-dollar national and international company.

It is the mindset that allowed me to successfully sell my company and retire at the age of 56 as a millionaire. This is the same mindset I will help you build to overcome all obstacles and achieve the levels of success you’ve only dreamt of before!

I have helped thousands of people just like you discover their driving purpose, higher identity, and see the success they’ve always dreamed of.

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Julio Franco


When I joined the Atlanta Braves, Frank Wren the assistant GM gave me a book by Dr. Jorge Valdes, I read the book in two days and immediately contacted him. From that day forth Dr. Valdes had been my mindset coach and helped me walk through challenges all professional athletes face.

Billy Graham


It is in connection with this special emphasis on Amsterdam 2000 that I am writing to you. As a theologian who has a known commitment to evangelism, we believe you could make a positive contribution to the Theologian Task Group. Please, therefore, consider this letter as your personal invitation from me to be part of the Task Group.

Freddy Brown


It wasn’t until 2005 when I met Dr. Valdes and was coached by him that I discovered a much better life. He taught me to follow my passion and life purpose, and inspired me, stretched me, and developed both my IQ and EQ.

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